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This is just a generic error message, indicating that the DO command failed to call the script specified in the URL.  FoxWeb version 2.11, which was just released today was modified to provide the exact VFP error number, which should point you to the right direction.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Caroline on 01/04/2002 09:35:12 AM:
Hi ...

I recently had to move FoxWeb and my web stuff onto a laptop for a demo, but encountered a problem I can't sort out.  I set up FoxWeb, PWS and all my directories exactly like my desktop.  While most of it will run, I'm having one problem I can't get around.  I have a custom program that is called from a form like this:
<form method="POST" action="/scripts/foxweb.exe/GenSection@C:\ELEVATOR\HILLPROC.FXP">

The message I get from FoxWeb is:

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Message: Error trying to call script.

And that's all it says.  I have another program in the same directory that it has no problems finding.  It also has no problems finding this program on my desktop, so I figure it must be a configuration problem of some sort on the laptop.  Any ideas on what it could be?  I'm stumped ...