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This error is usually caused by incorrect configuration in the FoxWeb Control Center.  If the Use Run-Time DLL option is enabled then you should make sure that the VFP.EXE entry points to the correct VFP executable.  If the Use Run-Time DLL option is disabled then you must make sure that you have installed the VFP Run-Time DLLs from your VFP installation disk.  Either way, the VFP version must match the version of FoxWeb you installed.  For example, if you installed FoxWeb for VFP 6 then you must either point to the VFP 6 executable, or install the VFP 6 Run-Time DLLs.

The file FW_START.LOG can sometimes provide clues as to what the problem is.  You may also notice individual channel icons on your server's task bar, which if maximized may reveal error messages.

We recommend that you temporarily disable the Run as Service and Hide Windows options while you troubleshoot such problems.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Yan Cayer on 01/04/2002 10:44:07 AM:

I am getting the following error when executing FoxWeb.exe

No Channels Active

Foxweb as been configured according to the helps files.

I am using Foxweb 2.1 on a Windows 2000 Server (advanced, 1 node)

Can anyone help?