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Hi ...

I recently had to move FoxWeb and my web stuff onto a laptop for a demo, but encountered a problem I can't sort out.  I set up FoxWeb, PWS and all my directories exactly like my desktop.  While most of it will run, I'm having one problem I can't get around.  I have a custom program that is called from a form like this:
<form method="POST" action="/scripts/foxweb.exe/GenSection@C:\ELEVATOR\HILLPROC.FXP">

The message I get from FoxWeb is:

There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Message: Error trying to call script.

And that's all it says.  I have another program in the same directory that it has no problems finding.  It also has no problems finding this program on my desktop, so I figure it must be a configuration problem of some sort on the laptop.  Any ideas on what it could be?  I'm stumped ...