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There are several monitoring products available, specifically designed to test the health of Internet and other services.  Most of these products can be configured to test for specific responses from a Web server, so they can be used to check the status of FoxWeb channels.

All you need to do is create a FoxWeb script, which returns a status string, such as "Everything tested OK".  You can then configure your testing software to call this script every few minutes and send you e-mail, possibly to a cell phone or alpha-numeric pager, if it does not receive the required response within a predetermined timeout.

We use IP-Sentry ( for our own monitoring purposes, but you can use any one of a large list of products.  A good place to look is

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Jeff Grippe on 01/01/2002 07:35:35 AM:
Hello All,

This may not be a FoxWeb question as much as an NT or IIS question but I thought the answer would be interesting to FoxWeb Users.

I find that there are times that my server has gone down. I usually learn this when a client calls and can't access the site.

Is there any way to write a script which would run on some other machine that has access to the internet which could poll the status of IIS and FoxWeb and notify me when the server or application has gone down?

The notification part I could do using and their web service instant message system but how would I write code to detect the status of the web server?

Would I need to write a web service client to run on the server to return the status? Does FoxWeb have any web service features incorporated into it or would I use the MS SOAP tools and VFP 7.0?