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When running a 'homepage' script on my website I get the following error message at the bottom of the page in the browser...

"There was an error duri8ng the interpretation of your request.
Message: Error trying to call postprocessor".

This suggested to me that there was something wrong with my FW_Exit.prg, so I checked it, recompiled it, but it made no difference.  The error message only appeared at the end of the homepage - not any other scripts. 

The unique thing about this homepage script is that essentially it is a static page, but with an .fwx extension instead of .htm, so that I can keep it in the same folder as my scripts and not have to have it 'miles away' in the web tree.  This 'trick' works fine (with no error message) on my http://localhost/... setup on my development pc, but the error appears on the 'live' website.  The only difference between the two environments (they are using the same .fxp files) is that the local setup uses the development version of VFP7, but the live site uses the VFP7 runtimes (the client doesn't have VFP).  Could this have anything to do with it?

I have temporarily solved the problem by inserting <% %> at the end of homepage.fwx and this does the trick!  It's as if Foxweb needs at least one set of <% %> tags to work properly, even if there's no FoxPro code between them!  Weird!

Has anyone any idea what might be going on here?  Any opinions would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid