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We have never experienced this problem before.  Can you send us some code that illustrates this behavior?

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 12/21/2001 07:35:18 AM:
Recently, we had noticed strange things when running in 1.x compatibility mode. In the middle of output of lengthy HTML (about 500 Kb) appears an error message "Foxweb channel stopped responding" (part of HTML is already visible on page).
We had checked HTML - it is perfect. We had tried Response.write() then.
It also works perfect. We had tried HTML_OUT again and got the same error!

Then we had decided to switch to Response.write() in case of Foxweb 2 (not all of our customers use FoxWeb 2) like this:

If type("Response")="O"
  *Code for Foxweb 2
  * Old code

Here we again run into problem... In Foxweb 1.x we had used:
HTML_OUT='Content-type: '+ContentType+'; charset='+ mCharset +cr...
other headers follows separated by CR (Chr(13)+Chr(10))
... +cr+cr+ ResponseBody

But when we had set ContentType and Charset separately using Response object, we had noticed that Charset setting gives no effect at all!

Situation was saved only by following setting:

Response.ContentType=ContentType+'; charset='+ mCharset

Setting charset in ContentType property sets the value properly and page is displayed in needed charset.

We had used: FoxWeb 2.1, VFP7.EXE, client browser ie6/XP
Foxweb 1.x Compatibility was checked
Buffer output was also checked