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I've had to restructure my virtual directory structure and it is now as follows...

localhost (web root folder c:\inetpub\wwwroot)
   MyWebSite (virtual folder - mapped to FoxWeb program root)
      Data      (real subfolder of program root)
      Graphics  (real subfolder of program root)
      Progs     (real subfolder of program root)
      Scripts   (real subfolder of program root)

When I type "http://localhost/MyWebSite/scripts/MyScript.fwx" in the browser I get the following error message...

"There was an error during the interpretation of your request.
Message:  The directory specified in the URL does not exist, or is inaccessible"

I've checked the following...
IIS and Foxweb are definitely running
The URL directory definitely exists, because if I substitute MyPage.htm for MyScript.fwx (both files exist in the scripts folder) the html page displays fine.
Execute permissions are set to "scripts only" for the MyWebSite virtual folder.
The .fwx extension is mapped to foxweb.dll.

Now, here's the real wierd thing - if I type http://localhost/scripts/myscript.fwx (ie. omitting the MyWebSite virtual folder), the script runs, but without any images displaying (because the relative path instructions expect a graphics folder in parallel with scripts).
The Scripts subfolder of localhost is in fact c:\inetpub\scripts, which is where myscript.fwx definitely does NOT exist, so it's a mystery why it runs at all from this address.

Any help would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid