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Such problems are typically related to bugs in user scripts.  Certain kinds of bugs can cause VFP to pause and ask for user input in a dialog box, which will make a channel hang.  The Illegal commands chapter describes some of these situations.  One way to diagnose the problem is to make the channels visible (disable Run as Service and Hide Channels options), restart FoxWeb and click on the channel icons on the taskbar.  Check for dialog popups or other visual indications of a problem.

Alternatively, you can use the debugging techniques described in the documentation to locate the problem.

The file fwstart.log may contain an indication as to which script is causing the freezes.  Look for messages such as "Restarting channel 1 /myscript/test.fwx".

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Faith on 12/21/2001 01:23:36 AM:
FoxWeb's status shows all channels are "unresponding"  with some requests pending.  It cannot be closed and the system keep busy until it is reset.  I cannot figure out what causes this problem.  Can you help?