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I had a similar problem and worked my way around that by starting each script calling the settings procedure (which i keep together with the scripts). This will also ensure that any public variables will be available even if Foxweb changes channels.


Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 12/19/2001 07:48:35 PM:

I have a script MyScript.fwx in the \MyWebApp\scripts folder which I call from the browser with http://localhost/scripts/MyScript.fwx.  This script calls a file MyProg.prg in the progs folder, but I get the error message "File MyProg.prg does not exist", even though it does exist.

In my FW_Enter.prg I have the (fairly common) line SET PATH TO progs,scripts,data where the three folders are subfolders of my web application root directory.

Upon further inspection I find that if I issue Response.write(SYS(2003)) as the last line of FW_Enter.prg I get "\MyWebApp" (which is what I would expect, since FW_enter.prg is in \MyWebApp) but if I issue the same command as the first line of my script file I get "\MyWebApp\scripts".  This would explain why Foxweb cannot find MyProg.prg, since it is looking for it in "progs" as a subfolder of \scripts, which of course does not exist.

So the question is...Why does the default path (ie. SYS(2003)) change between the end of executing Fw_enter.prg and the start of executing the script file?  It is not the behaviour I would expect, since the path set in FW_enter should be applicable throughout script execution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid