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A Visual FoxPro process can not initialize if it does not have enough space in the temporary directory.  The FoxWeb Channel Broker is responsible for starting channels and, if the Restart Channels option is enabled, kill them and then restart them.  If a channel does not initialize within 30 seconds, the Channel Broker will attempt to kill it and start a new instance.

It seems that the low hard-disk space issue affects the Channel Broker's ability to kill channels and as a result, a new channel is started without the old one being killed.  We will try to simulate this situation and try to figure out a way to avoid it.

Obviously, an easy solution to this problem is to make sure that your temp directory always has enough space.  Note that although VFP does not need too much temp space for startup, it can be quite greedy during large queries.  It is always advisable to have at least 50-100 MBytes of free space in your temp location.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 12/18/2001 12:12:51 AM:
We had noticed, that Foxweb could hang an NT server in case of insufficient disk space on drive where Foxpro channels create temporary files and "restart channels" setting of FoxWeb is set.

An error occurs in channel (for example after lengthy SQL SELECT) and Foxweb tries to create a new channel which also produce an error, then another and another until server stops responding.

We where using Foxweb 2.1 and VFP7.