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This is good news indeed!

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 12/13/2001 10:58:29 PM:
glad to report that using FoxWeb 2.1 with VFP7 solved problem with garbage collection in FoxWeb channels when using COM objects.
Our tests showed that foxweb performance remains the same withing 2 days even without use of FW_Restart flag.


Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/11/2001 01:43:27 AM:
Just a note announcing the release of FoxWeb 2.1.  Here are the new features/fixes:

- Added native support for VFP 7 (In order to install FoxWeb for a different
  version of VFP than what was originally installed, you must first uninstall).
- Added FoxWeb Error Log Viewer (FWError) sample script.
- Exposed Response.OutputBuffer property to user scripts.
- Added Auth.Password property.
- Added Server.JSEscape method.
- IP-Address validation accepts zeros.
- If "" was not explicitly defined in virtual servers grid, FoxWeb
  uses the entry for "", eliminating the need to buy two separate
  virtual server licenses for the two host names.
- Trims white space and newlines from license and virtual server grid entries.
- Error log in FoxWeb Control Center is sorted in descending order.
- Improved efficiency of Session object.
- Changed value of CGI.ProgramPath so that it is compatible with FoxWeb 1.29c.
- Fixed problem that caused "Cookie verification error" message in Auth object
  even if the browser supports cookies.
- Fixed bug which caused FoxWeb to still see password cookie for the remainder
  of the request after a call to the logout method.
- Fixed bug which caused FoxWeb to time out while it was still returning data.
- Fixed passing of form fields containing quotes through Auth.Authenticate.

FoxWeb Support Team