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Just a note announcing the release of FoxWeb 2.1.  Here are the new features/fixes:

- Added native support for VFP 7 (In order to install FoxWeb for a different
  version of VFP than what was originally installed, you must first uninstall).
- Added FoxWeb Error Log Viewer (FWError) sample script.
- Exposed Response.OutputBuffer property to user scripts.
- Added Auth.Password property.
- Added Server.JSEscape method.
- IP-Address validation accepts zeros.
- If "" was not explicitly defined in virtual servers grid, FoxWeb
  uses the entry for "", eliminating the need to buy two separate
  virtual server licenses for the two host names.
- Trims white space and newlines from license and virtual server grid entries.
- Error log in FoxWeb Control Center is sorted in descending order.
- Improved efficiency of Session object.
- Changed value of CGI.ProgramPath so that it is compatible with FoxWeb 1.29c.
- Fixed problem that caused "Cookie verification error" message in Auth object
  even if the browser supports cookies.
- Fixed bug which caused FoxWeb to still see password cookie for the remainder
  of the request after a call to the logout method.
- Fixed bug which caused FoxWeb to time out while it was still returning data.
- Fixed passing of form fields containing quotes through Auth.Authenticate.

FoxWeb Support Team