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This is not a FoxWeb-specific issue.  When you click on a link in a page you do not affect execution of the script serving that page.  The script continues execution on the server until it is either finished, or times out.

Clicking on a link while a page is loading is equivalent to pressing the stop button and then requesting another URL.  This causes the browser to a) stop downloading new data for the current page, b) display the partial data and c) request the new URL from the server.  It is possible that the partial HTML code, when interpreted by your browser, gets displayed as raw HTML code instead of being formatted.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Hery Sepriadi on 12/09/2001 07:46:19 AM:
i'm experiencing this:
when i accessed a slower page -- the opening one -- and without waiting for the page being completed displayed, i clicked one link on that page and then it returned the page but displayed in the html source code. Why does it happen ? seems like the foxweb cannot be accessed in fast manner or shall we complete the previous process first before jump to another process, is it right ?