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Do you get one of these fatal errors whenever you try to download a large file?  Can you determine the exact size over which you get this problem?  Is this value consistent?

Also, please tell us a little more about your system:

- Operating system (also whether you are using an international version)
- Web server
- FoxWeb version
- Running as a service?
- Using Run-Time DLL?

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Faith Shao on 12/06/2001 12:02:59 AM:
Specifying "attachment" with filename has solved my problem of poping up "save as/open" dialog.  I appreciate your help.  However, the doc file is converted into some other format that cannot be read after download.  What did I miss?

The error message "FoxWeb Channel Stopped Responding" still occurred when I try to download a-bit-large-size files.  Here is the log:

2001.12.06 15:39:52 A fatal Error has occurred:
                    Err. Number: 1440
                    Message: OLE exception error: exception code  c0000005. OLE object may be damaged
                    Line Number: 270
                    Line: <??>
                    FoxWeb will now exit
                    If this error persists contact customer support
12/06/2001 15:39:54 Restarting Channel 1 /download

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/05/2001 07:53:27 PM:
In order to force browsers to display the "Save As/Open dialog you must set the ContentType property to "application/unknown" and specify "attachment" (along with the file name) in the Content-Disposition header.  For details please refer to the FoxWeb documentation.  Here's an example:

* The content type must be changed in order to prevent browsers from displaying certain file types
ContentType = "application/unknown"
* Specify file name
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + FileName)

Did you have a chance to look in the file fwstart.log?  It may contain useful clues, which could help us diagnose the problem you are having.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Faith on 12/05/2001 05:57:22 PM:
Thank you for the fast resplying.

My timeout period is set for 90 seconds.  The error message appear just in a couple of seconds.I tried to change the timeout value to be 3 minutes and got the same error.

Now I got another problem with downloading .doc and .xls files.  The browser is trying to open them istead of pop up the save as dialog.  I am running download.fwx at browser IE5.5 and IE6.0 with Office2000 installed.  Is there any settings required for the browser?

Sent by FoxWeb Support on 12/04/2001 09:41:01 PM:
Could it be that your channel is timing out?  If this is the case you will probably see entries indicating so in fwstart.log.

What is the timeout period set for?  How long does it take for the error message to appear?  Note that you will need to re-start FoxWeb after you change the timeout value.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Faith on 12/04/2001 01:06:35 AM:
I am running the example Download.fwx comming with FoxWeb2.0.  With the gif file under size 30KB, everything works just fine.  However, I got the error message "Channel stop responding" when I try to download other gif files size over 30KB.  The bigger the file size is, the offen the error message occurred.  If there is a limitation for downloading files, is there any other way to do so?