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Hi Alan:

I think most developers go for the the 600 x 800 dimension...since this is supposedly the most common dimension.  Before I started designing my latest web site I went to a Marketing & Communication website to see what the pros do.  Here's a small portolio of sites at UM:

Here's an especially beautifully designed site:

As you'll notice, these websites have a nice design that looks good floating in a space that can be smaller or larger.  The space doesn't necessarily have to be white.  From a designer's standpoint, white space, or blank space is important; you don't want to fill up all the space.

So there's my subjective opinion..!!


Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 12/05/2001 02:58:07 PM:
I would like to canvas developers' opions regarding web-page design.  Up until now I have designed my pages to fill a full-screen browser window with the lowest resolution (640x480) in mind, but this leaves too much white space towards the right of the window when the viewer is looking at the page in a higher resolution.

1. Is 800x600 now the minimum resolution I should be designing in?

2. Is there any way I can set minimum or maximum height and width dimensions of the browser window (rather like I can with VFP forms)?

Many thanks,