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I meet this problem couple of time and on the different pages, but cannot reproduce it. My users also meet this problem.

how its happen:
my edit forms has textareas (memo field(s) but usually is not big)
1. login and view/edit data
2. user is iddle or editing too long and press Save (submit) button
3. got login screen with message:
   "You have been idle for too long.
   Please re-enter your Password."                (!) this important
4. user login
5. saving process continues, but memo lost or cutted (like ~300 bytes instead 900 bytes or more)

my pages has structure:

... inits, open....
if !empty(Request.form("bSave"))
  ****        Save button pressed
  m.note = Request.form("note")
  replace note with m.note
  Server.transfer("message.fwx", "saved")
**** show page

I try to catch problem on local server and set timeout =1 min
but after time gone and I press Save
if auto relogin was on - all data saved
off - I receive login screen (BUT without message), login and all data saved again

have some ideas ?