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Could it be that your channel is timing out?  If this is the case you will probably see entries indicating so in fwstart.log.

What is the timeout period set for?  How long does it take for the error message to appear?  Note that you will need to re-start FoxWeb after you change the timeout value.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Faith on 12/04/2001 01:06:35 AM:
I am running the example Download.fwx comming with FoxWeb2.0.  With the gif file under size 30KB, everything works just fine.  However, I got the error message "Channel stop responding" when I try to download other gif files size over 30KB.  The bigger the file size is, the offen the error message occurred.  If there is a limitation for downloading files, is there any other way to do so?