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I recommend that you get the interface with your DLL working in an interactive VFP program, before copying the code to a FoxWeb script.  This way it will be easier to use the debugger and other troubleshooting techniques.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by First Last on 12/03/2001 03:30:32 PM:
Hi all

I'm trying to interface a FoxWeb script with the LibPNG library.  I downloaded the current (stable) implementation of the PNG library and re-created the DLL -- libpng3.dll and threw in a newly-created zlib dll for good measure.  The problem is, every time I call any of the functions, I get a "too many parameters" and I've verified the number of parameters and the types and so forth.  Any ideas?


(If this sounds familiar, it is a continuation of an older question.)