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The "No Channels Active" message means that no channels are currently registered with the FoxWeb Channel Broker component.  The channels either failed to start altogether, or they exited and were never restarted.  Did you get FoxWeb to work at all?  If not, then your configuration is probably wrong.  This usually happens because the the VFP.EXE entry does not point to the correct VFP executable (vfp.exe, vfp6.exe, or vfp7.exe, depending on your VFP version).  Once you fix your configuration and re-start FoxWeb, you should be able to double-click on the FoxWeb icon in the system tray and see entries for each registered channel.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Sean Ryan on 11/30/2001 11:36:45 AM:
I am a newbie to this.  What does this mean?  Thanks for any help.