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1) This is not true.  FoxWeb does not care about the format of the content being delivered.  You can return XML, HTML, PDF, or any other format you wish.  FoxWeb does not provide its own tools to convert tables to XML and vice versa, but this feature is included in VFP 7.

2) FoxWeb 2.0 does not contain an executable that was compiled with VFP 7.  FoxWeb 2.1, which is due in December will contain one.

3) FoxWeb does not contain a utility to convert VFP forms to HTML.  We believe that this feature looks good in a product's feature resume, but is practically useless.  There are serious differences between the capabilities and event model of VFP and HTML forms.  As a result, form rendering utilities take away a great degree of control from the developer and their output has an "amateurish" feeling.  No serious developer or site would ever use such a feature.

4) FoxWeb does not include its own SMTP control, but there are several controls available today, some of which are absolutely free.  The page contains a list of some of these controls.  The file contains sample FoxWeb code, illustrating how you can send mail with the JMail control.  The code can be easily modified to work with other controls.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Linda Swift on 11/29/2001 07:20:23 PM:
We currently have a discussion going around the office where I work as to which VFP web tool to use.  I have a colleague who has made the following assertions:

(1) FoxWeb does not support XML
(2) FoxWeb does not support VFP 7.0 runtime; only desktop.
(3) FoxWeb does not support FR [form rendering]
(4) FoxWeb does not support e-mail--we will have to develop/purchase an
MAPI/SMTP e-mail wrapper.

I would appreciate any and all comments on the above.

Thank you.