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There are several workarounds I can think of.

(1) One possibility is that you could pass the name of the object rather than the object itself, then in your nextscript.fwx you could use the TYPE() command to identify the object and use it.

(2) Another possibility is that instead of passing parameters, you could create session variables and have your nextscript.fwx check the value of the session variable.

(3) This is a solution I have used; it is possible to use the AddObject() function to add objects to the Foxweb session object; this way your object will persist between between hits.  Then you would just need to reference the object in nextscript.fwx.  I would think this is the safest solution, because I am not sure your objects will stay in scope if you unless are calling nextscript in the same web session.


Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 11/30/2001 07:49:14 AM:
When I call one script from another by pressing a sumbit button, I need to pass an object parameter.  I can pass character parameters after the script  call by using "NextScript.fwx?var1=val1 &var2=val2...", but how can I pass parameters which cannot be converted to a character string?

Alternatively, how can I create a non submit/reset button in HTML from which I can call the script using "DO NextScript.fwx WITH myObject" in the click event (VFP-speak here, but I hope you know what I mean)?

Any help would be appreciated.