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FoxWeb 1.29c supports multi-homed servers and even supports different program roots for each host name.  You will need to configure your Web server with the IP-addresses of both host names and create a separate Web for each host name in the Internet Services Manager.  For details on how to do this please refer to your Web server's documentation.

Unlike FoxWeb 2.0, FoxWeb 1.29c does not have a user interface for configuring multiple program roots, so you will need to enter this information directly in the registry (the 1.29c documentation contains instructions on how to do this).

Note that you will need to purchase a separate FoxWeb license for each host name that utilizes FoxWeb.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Jim Weesies on 11/29/2001 02:14:21 PM:
We are currently running Foxweb 1.29.  All our scripts are run under our scripts folder in Microsoft IIS, so the URL of all the scripts is  One of our clients is asking that their page(s) run under a different domain on our server.  They do not want the customer to see ourdomain in the address line and want to use a security certificate installed to the other domain on our server when these Foxweb scripts are run.  Is this doable under 1.29?