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Classes are not released after being instanciated, unless you issue a CLEAR CLASS command:

    CLEAR CLASS ClassName

If you are instanciating a PUBLIC object in fw_enter.prg, you will need to destroy the object before clearing the class:

    RELEASE ObjectName
    CLEAR CLASS ClassName

Alternatively, if you only modify your user defined clases rarely, you can re-start FoxWeb whenever you want to recompile.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Dan Mory on 11/27/2001 02:26:13 PM:
I am using the Microsoft XML parser to process XML requests in a Foxweb 2.0 script.  I am assigning the instance of the COM object to a property of a user-defined class using CREATEOBJECT("MSXML2.DOMDocument").  The class that contains the COM object is instantiated in the body of the script.  This appears to work fine, but it seems that the object is not getting released after the script is run, because when I recompile the script, it gives a "cannot create file" message because the .fxp file is still open.  Is there additional housekeeping that needs to be done in such a case?  Is there a better way to accomplish the same results?