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FoxWeb scripts can return content in any format, including HTML and XML.  There are numerous Web resources for XML and you can find additional information in the MSDN Library.

VFP 7 makes it easier to create XML content with the addition of functions for converting FoxPro cursors to XML (and vice versa).  If you wish to parse generic XML content in your programs it is advisable to use a 3rd party XML parser, such as Microsoft's XML Control.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Linda Swift on 11/26/2001 07:16:21 AM:
I have a client who is looking for a VFP web interface that will provide "support for XML."  I don't know a lot about XML, but it appears to be simply a more sophisticated markup language than HTML.  From this perspective, I don't see why a Web Browser would have any difficulty interpreting a web document generated by Foxweb that included XML, than it would interpreting a straightforward HTML document.

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions here.


Linda Swift