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We are not aware of any problems that cause FoxWeb to stop responding after a certain number of requests.  I would think that we would have discovered  such a problem from our own testing as well as from customers using FoxWeb on their own sites.

Have you tried your test more than once?  Did the problem occur after the same number of hits (19039)?  What happens if you call a FoxWeb program from a regular browser after you start getting a null string?

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Jeff Roehl on 11/26/2001 08:40:52 AM:
I am using the West Wind wwipstuff.VCX to hit a FoxWeb server via HTTP. It sends a secure hash of a file and then returns a hash of the hash, to make sure the information got though intact (see for information on hash technology). This all works fine. The problem is that after sending 19039 hits to the FoxWeb site, the HTTPGet() function unexpectedly returns a null string, and continues to do so, until I quit FoxPro, and restart the process. Is there a session limit on HTTPGet() usage, or a limitation on the FoxWeb side?

Jeff Roehl