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This is an excellent tip!  Not only it offers a work-around to a problem with VFP's STRTRAN function, but it also provides a great way to add regular expressions to FoxWeb and other VFP programs.  My recommendation is that you declare the object in fw_enter.prg, after checking that it was not created in a previous request.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Oleg Goncharuk on 11/23/2001 02:49:30 AM:
We had found, that VFP6 function STRTRAN behaves strangely with large files.

Often we need to display pieces of HTML or XML code on page and use following code for this:
It works quick with small pieces of code, but once we had tried to convert a large text (about 140Kb)  heavily loaded with tags (it was exported from MSWORD) and we where astonished to see that it took about 15 minutes!


We had created RegExp object like this CREATEOBJECT("VBScript.RegExp")
wrote with it function similar by input parameters with VFP STRTRAN and run it against the same file with same parameters - it went like a flash...