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I am not exactly sure where to post this so I am posting here.  I am wondering if foxweb has a way to view the error log for each website that is running via the web or is there a way to have foxweb email the developer the error when a foxweb (foxpro code) error occurs on the site.  Currently the only way to know if you are having problems with one of your scripts is to view the error log though the foxweb control center and this is fine if you are local to the server.  But, if you are not local or not on site every day this can become a big problem.  I have used a competing product that emails an html form to me with the error message, line of code, environment information and have found this to be a very valuable tool in fixing problem with the site after releasing to the live server.

Anyhow, thank for any info and thanks for making a great productů

Ron Stahl