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Hiya Alan,

Welcome to the FoxWeb Forum. I'm not going to try to answer your questions individually... I just thought I'd recommend Elizabeth Castro's "HTML For the World Wide Web". It's inexpensive and was a lot of help to me in learning how to code tables and such in HTML. I constantly refer to it for obscure or complex HTML tags.


Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 11/15/2001 01:35:10 PM:
A few HTML questions...

1. Is there any way I can control the input mask of a textbox so that the value is in dd/mm/yy format?  As far as I can see it is treated as a character string and the user can enter anything.  It's a pain to have to validate every date field when the form is posted before it can be processed as a date value.

2. Is there any way of ensuring that pressing the enter key moves the focus from one textbox to another (ie. behaves as the tab key)?

3. Is there any way of drawing a vertical line in HTML?

4. I would like to show an outer border for a table, but no borders between cells in the tabel.  Is this possible?

Alan Harris-Reid