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If you run foxweb as a service, you will get no feedback from whatever dll you are using. If it is running without any problem within Foxpro then you most likely have security issue. If your DLL makes use of a kind of printing functions to generate the images, it will only work if you have printers defined on your server and more importtantly, the service account has access to those devices (effectively to any device your DLL is using).
This apparently is a known bug with Microsoft. There is a solution which I posted here under the thread : Running as a service.


Sent by NoSpam ForMe on 11/15/2001 09:20:32 AM:
I'm compiling the PNG library (and zLib) into a DLL file.  This is where I'm getting stuck.  I can get FoxPro programs to recognize the functions in the DLL but FoxWeb can't seem to see them
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Sent by Richard Day on 11/15/2001 08:52:09 AM:
When you say you want to make use of a compiled library from FoxPro, are you referring to an FLL or a DLL? If so, that shouldn't be a problem, I am currently using an FLL for NetWare network access in a production FoxWeb system. I haven't needed to yet, but you should also be able to call a DLL function from a FoxWeb script as well.

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Hi all,

This is a tough one.  Pardon the lengthy explanation.

I'm working on ...(and so forth)