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FoxWeb runs the command CLOSE DATABASES ALL after each script if the Close Databases option is enabled.  I just verified that closing the table does not delete tmp files (at least not in VFP 6).  One possible solution would be to restart your channels once in a while.  The main FoxWeb program (fwstart.exe) can be run with the /close argument.  One thing you can do is schedule the following batch file once every night:

    @echo off
    START /WAIT fwstart.exe /close
    START fwstart.exe

You may get a 2-5 second interruption in service, but that's all.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 11/15/2001 03:09:21 PM:
When I create a non-filtered cursor in a .fwx script file, a .tmp file is created in the VFP temporary folder, but when the script has finished running, the .tmp file still remains, even though I have the 'Close tables' option checked in the Foxweb configuration page.  Could it be possible that tables are closed but not cursors?  Is this by design?  Usually if a CLOSE DATA ALL command is issued, all cursors are also closed, thus automatically deleting the associated .tmp files.

I have discovered, however, that if I close Foxweb the .tmp files are deleted.  This is not satisfactory since (ideally) Foxweb is running permanently on the server, and I do not want the temporary folder being littered with 'old' .tmp files relating to cursors which were created weeks ago!

Any help/comments on this matter would be appreciated.