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I'm compiling the PNG library (and zLib) into a DLL file.  This is where I'm getting stuck.  I can get FoxPro programs to recognize the functions in the DLL but FoxWeb can't seem to see them
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Sent by Richard Day on 11/15/2001 08:52:09 AM:
When you say you want to make use of a compiled library from FoxPro, are you referring to an FLL or a DLL? If so, that shouldn't be a problem, I am currently using an FLL for NetWare network access in a production FoxWeb system. I haven't needed to yet, but you should also be able to call a DLL function from a FoxWeb script as well.

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Sent by NoSpam ForMe on 11/14/2001 03:37:34 PM:
Hi all,

This is a tough one.  Pardon the lengthy explanation.

I'm working on ...(and so forth)