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Internet Explorer is not a suitable FWX or ASP viewer.  It knows nothing about script delimiters, so it will simply get confused.  If you are looking for an FWX/ASP GUI editor, you may want to look into something like Visual Interdev, although to be honest I think that GUI HTML and script editors are more trouble than they are worth.  I always use simple text editors to view and edit my code.  To verify my HTML I view it after it has already been parsed by FoxWeb.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Alan Harris-Reid on 11/08/2001 06:28:51 PM:
I am creating a Foxweb (although it could be any ASP-type) script file, and when putting a textbox on the form I wish to call a function within <% %> tags which will set the name, value and maxlength properties at runtime according to the table field the textbox relates to.  The HTML code is as follows:

<input type="text" size=8 <%=MyFunction() %>>

When I view the page in Internet Explorer 5.0 (SP2) (to check my design progress) it shows the textbox followed by an extra > character to the right of the textbox.  I guess this is an IE ASP-interpretation problem, because the code works correctly when the script file is executed, but it would be nice to see it correctly in IE when I am designing the page.
Is there any way around this problem?  Would there be any difference if I upgraded IE?

Another question - is there anyway in HTML code that I can control the user input of a textbox to be upper-case only?  Or can I only validate the data once I submit the form?

Any help would be appreciated.

Alan Harris-Reid