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Thank you for your fast responses. It is appreciated by all of your users.

I sloved the problem by placing most of the code in a .mrg file.

I'm now wondering if I messed something up somewhere.  I have a program that checks for the existance of the directory and file, when opening a database, before it opens the file. If the file exists it opens it, if not it creates it.  I've used this program since I purchased foxweb last year and have never had a problem...until today. 

I have 1 screen that has 3 forms - 1 for display, 1 to add a record and, the 3rd to delete the record.  All 3 pass the same hidden form fields to the procedures (file location and name).
It worked great until this morning.  When trying to adding a record I received an error message "unrecognized phrase or keyword"  and "if !directory(xx)".  And it gave me the line number of the program that checks to see if it exists.

The first action in all 3 forms is to run the check program and open the file. It works in the display and delete but not add (where I get the error).
The only thing different in the add is that after opening the file I append a blank (but it doesn't get that far).

Since I was able to run it yesterday and add a number of records (no changes to the code since then) I'm lost.

Again thank you for any help, suggestions, etc.

Sent by FoxWeb Support Team on 11/07/2001 11:31:25 AM:
This is actually a VFP error.  Here's the description:

Program is too large (Error 1202)
The program that Visual FoxPro is attempting to load will not fit into memory. The largest program or individual procedure Visual FoxPro can load is one containing 65,000 bytes.

Does this occur in conjunction to an FWX script?  It seems that the resulting PRG file is too large.  Even if your FWX script is less than 65,000 bytes, you may still get this error.  FoxWeb adds some debugging information in PRG files, which helps it log the correct line number and line content when a run-time error occurs.  If you switch from static content to FoxWeb script code too many times in your script, this debugging information can get quite large and push the PRG past the 65,000 byte limit.

You can examine the PRG file by enabling the "Keep PRG Files" option in the FoxWeb configuration and forcing a recompilation by deleting the FXP file and calling your script from a browser.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Roger Stanley on 11/07/2001 09:15:43 AM:
Program to large error message.

Got this with 900 lines of code for a display (most lines had a trim and subs command).