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Please verify that the following key exists on your Web server:
\\hkey_local_machine\software\Aegis Group\FoxWeb\CurrentVersion

If the key exists then the problem may be caused by the CGI program not having enough rights to open this keys.  Are you using IIS 4?  By default, the IUSR account has no restrictions on subkeys of the software key, but it's possible that your default configuration was modified.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by mike hood on 11/02/2001 06:53:51 AM:
yeah we ran the control center and configured it.  we started the foxweb server then called the scripts.

Sent by FoxWeb Support Team on 11/01/2001 08:18:42 PM:
Did you run the FoxWeb Control Center after you ran the setup program?  You must do so, before starting the FoxWeb server and calling scripts.  Please refer to the readme file or the download page for detailed instructions.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by mike hood on 11/01/2001 02:14:14 PM:
were setting up foxweb on a NT4 SP6 server.
when we try 2 open a .fwx we get the error message:
Cannot open FoxWeb registry key
Run Control Center do fix that?