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What do you mean by "startup log?"  Are you referring to fwstart.log?  Are there any other messages in that file?  Also, can you see VFP processes for each channel in the Task Manager?

Please verify the following:
If the Use Run-Time DLL option is disabled:
The VFP.EXE setting must point to the correct executable.  If you installed FoxWeb for VFP 6 then it must point to VFP6.EXE

If the Use Run-Time DLL option is enabled:
All prg files must be compiled with the correct version of VFP.  If you were running VFP 5 and have upgraded to VFP 6 then you should delete all FXP files and then re-compile the PRG files, including fw_enter.prg and fw_exit.prg.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Frank Atkinson on 10/30/2001 08:24:37 AM:

We just installed 2.0 and everything seemed to go well..
(this is an upgrade from the older version)

except no we get "no channels avaiable"

the startup log shows all six channel running..