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That's great.  Thank you very much.  I suggest you shud include this in your documentation.

Sent by FoxWeb Support Team on 10/28/2001 03:57:31 PM:
Actually you can set the Auth.AuthTable property to a remote view.  Remote views can point to any non-VFP data source, including Microsoft SQL Server tables.  We have tested this configuration with the Auth object and it works great.  You will have to use the usual VFP syntax to refer to the view:
Auth.AuthTable = "<DatabaseName>!<ViewName>"
For Example:
Auth.AuthTable = "c:\FW\dbUsers!vUsers"

Obviously, non-parameterized remote views are not the most efficient method to connect to remote client-server database, because they require that the whole table is retrieved by VFP.  You can prevent this by parameterizing your view -- just filter on the UserID field and name your parameter "secUserID".  This will work, because the Auth object populates a memory variable named secUserID before querying Auth.AuthTable.  For more information on parameterized views refer to the VFP documentation.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by A Ridwan on 10/26/2001 07:37:42 PM:
Foxweb have a potential of expanding its scope beyond supporting Foxpro database. We are on client/server and its important that we have a centralised database for our Knowledge Mgmt Systems. I've inherited many web applications in Foxweb using SQL7 database.  I wud luv to stick to Foxweb (having just started using it recently & I feel that it is very simple to use even with limited documentation), however in the long run I still have to consider the business strategy and have to make a choice.  That is why I feel that Foxweb shud consider supporting SQL databases or for that matter any type of databases. Regards.


Sent by Cas Nuy on 10/25/2001 07:32:22 AM:
Why don't you use a simple VFP table to take care of that, you can maintain this table through foxweb.


Sent by A Ridwan on 10/22/2001 12:37:22 AM:
Have anyone of you try to populate the AuthTable or AuthList with MS SQL7 table.  I created a remote view and populate the AuthList by converting it to the specified format,  but this I feel is not a good solution. I look at the AuthTable documentation & we need to provide it with a physical filename, so I cant specify my viewname.  Any idea ?