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Foxweb have a potential of expanding its scope beyond supporting Foxpro database. We are on client/server and its important that we have a centralised database for our Knowledge Mgmt Systems. I've inherited many web applications in Foxweb using SQL7 database.  I wud luv to stick to Foxweb (having just started using it recently & I feel that it is very simple to use even with limited documentation), however in the long run I still have to consider the business strategy and have to make a choice.  That is why I feel that Foxweb shud consider supporting SQL databases or for that matter any type of databases. Regards.


Sent by Cas Nuy on 10/25/2001 07:32:22 AM:
Why don't you use a simple VFP table to take care of that, you can maintain this table through foxweb.


Sent by A Ridwan on 10/22/2001 12:37:22 AM:
Have anyone of you try to populate the AuthTable or AuthList with MS SQL7 table.  I created a remote view and populate the AuthList by converting it to the specified format,  but this I feel is not a good solution. I look at the AuthTable documentation & we need to provide it with a physical filename, so I cant specify my viewname.  Any idea ?