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I've started using BLAT.Exe. All you have to do is drop the form variables into a temp file and then call blat with the appropriate command line info and it will email the results, formatted by you in the appropriate way. Blat is compact, free, and there is also a BLAT.DLL that is nice.

Sent by Jon Cruz on 10/22/2001 10:40:33 AM:

Excellent Forum layout, by the way...  

Can Foxweb do something similar to what FormMail, JMail, etc can do?  I would like to send, by email, the values from an online form. 

FormMail and JMail apparently use scripts to pass the form values to a SendMail script.  This SendMail script, similar to a Foxweb script, then calls some object that will send the data to the recipient.

The code is so similar that I was wondering if I could do this within Foxweb. 

Thanks for you help and ideas,