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Web pages do not have an on-going connection to the server, so all information must be downloaded on the initial response. The most straightforward solution to your problem is to split the required functionality in two pages. In the first page the user will enter a client code. When the form is submitted to the server, a second script will return a page with client information and the additional fields.

Alternatively, if the total number of customers is manageable, you can have all client codes and names be downloaded as a Java script array in your initial response. You can use the code field's onchange event to display the appropriate customer when the user enters a code. This solution is more elegant, but requires the use of JavaScript (and possibly DHTML) and is harder to implement.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Sunil Shah on 10/19/2001 06:34:39 AM:
I am trying to do the following :

1.  Enter a client code
2.  The name of client should be displayed
3.  I then want to enter other details, etc.

In Foxpro , I can do that in the valid() of the client code field, and display client name.

Can I achieve this in Foxweb/ web interface ?