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FoxWeb 1.29c was developed before the release of Windows 2000 and was never tested on this operating system.  I am not aware of any issues with this configuration.  In virtually all cases there were no problems, once the registry changes listed on our site were applied.  FoxWeb 1.29c was released over 2 years ago and it is doubtful that we will do any development work to resolve this particular problem.

FoxWeb 2.0 is compatible with older versions and can in most cases run 1.29c scripts with absolutely no modifications.

Sent by Andy on 10/19/2001 05:50:23 AM:
I have recently upgraded our FoxWeb server to Win2k, running FoxWeb 1.29c. After making the registry changes specified in the FoxWeb suport section, it appears to run fine except we are getting the error message similiar to: "Unable to load FWDLL.DLL (Make sure it's not read only)". That's not the exact error message, but of course when I tried to get it to happen so I could copy the exact message, it wouldn't.

This happens quite regularly, and just reselecting the page usually continues normally. It's a dual processor system, so we're using 8 FoxWeb channels. At the moment, with almost 300 VFP programs in this one application, upgrading to FW 2.0 isn't really an option at the moment.

Thank-you for your help in this matter.