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I am installing this program on my Win2000 server and cannot seem to get it right. The system was installed and loaded foxweb.exe into c:\inetpub\scripts.

The domain I am using is called and is located at
c:\inetpub\websites\flightsbureau. I entered this in the virtual server ssection along with it's IP address. (not

I have placed a htm file in here that gets info from the user and then using a form action command should call the file searchfares.fwx which I have placed in c:\foxweb\programs.

This is the line :-

    <FORM action="" method=get >

I am not sure what the action command should be because I do not call the
first page with foxweb just\potsearch.htm

Can you help.

I have now written the simplest fwx possible and cannot even get that to work. Even put it in just about every folder available.

Required Info

FoxWeb serial number (if registered user)     no yet
Operating system         Win2000
VFP version         6 with sp3 installed
Running as a system service?     No
Using run-time DLL?         No
Web server software         IIS 5
The version of FoxWeb you are using     2.0    
Directory where FoxWeb (FWSERVER.EXE) is installed     c:\foxweb
Directory where foxweb.exe and foxweb.dll are installed  c:\inetpub\scripts
The full URL being used     
Browser software/version     IE5
The exact text of the error message displayed by the browser, or stored in the error log (if applicable).

2001-10-19 15:29:15 - 80 GET /foxweb.exe departx=LON&depdayx=01%2F&depmonthx=11%2F2001&arrivex=SYD&retdayx=09%2F&retmonthx=11%2F2001&airlinex=&searchfares=Search+for+Flights 404 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+5.01;+Windows+98) -