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The Auth object does not support case-sensitive authentication. In fact, it explicitly forces case-insensitive authentication. This feature is by design and is not likely to change.

Unfortunately there is currently no native support for non-English messages in the error object. I am thinking that there may be a work-around, but more on this later.

FoxWeb Support Team

Sent by Jaan Küünal on 10/17/2001 06:19:11 AM:
how could I make authentication to case-sensitive? I have same result when I type in username as "USer" or "user". I'm using slightly modified AuthForm.fwx. I've tried SET EXACT ON before authentication but this doesn't seem to work.

Is it possible to modify authentication messages like the ones, returned after typing in wrong password? I  can make authentication form captions in Estonian, but when user makes mistake, he gets back message in English.