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I doubt that this has anything to do with FoxWeb itself but since I've run out of ideas (and since my entire system uses FoxWeb) I'd thought I'd see if anybody here has any ideas.

I have several forms in my system that have more than one submit button (one form has four). All of my PC based users have no problems with this regardless of the browers that they use.

One of my Mac based users, however, can not access the buttons on the forms with multiple submit buttons. They draw correctly but are completely inactive. They do nothing when you mouseover or click on them.

She has tried both AOL and IE 5.0 browers and gotten the same behavior. I have had here view the source in IE and the source for the buttons is correct.

The buttons (and the source that produces them) are not dynamically generated although almosted everything else on the form is.

If anyone has any clues as to what this problem might me please let me know.


Jeff Grippe